Japandi Living Room Design Ideas

Salon Japandi Pour Maison

5 tips for infusing your living room with Japandi style If you want your living room to take on a relaxing atmosphere, adopting the Japandi style is a great idea.  Japandi style combines Scandinavian and Japanese decoration, and ensures a connection of your living room with nature and relaxation through a minimalist, simple and functional space.   […]

Japandi Kitchen Guide


5 delightful ideas for introducing Japandi style into your Kitchen The mixture of styles has positioned itself as a successful formula in which two design concepts can be united, resulting in a third that is truly surprising.  The Japanadi style, a mix of Nordic and Japanese style, is the proof. The brightness, the simple lines […]

What is Japandi Interior Design

Décoration Japandi

Japandi Style : What is it and how to apply it at home Japandy style definition The Japandi style is a design trend that merges the techniques and styles of two regions of the world: Japan and Scandinavia. The outcome of this blend gives us visually clean, minimalist interiors with a touch of elegance, setting […]