Japandi Garden & Patio

5 ideas to redesign your garden or deck with Japandi style Why Japandi style for outdoor use? More and more of us are seeking simplicity and calm in our lives and in our environment.  The garden or the terrace are the best places in the house to relax and unwind.  Whether it’s reading a book […]

Japandi Bathroom Design Guide

Salle de bain Japandi

5 tips to perfectly achieve a Japandi design in the bathroom The bathroom and the Japandi design The most trendy decoration style of the moment is without a doubt the Japandi style. But what exactly is Japandi? Japandi is a style that combines the simplicity and warmth of the Nordic style with the Zen atmosphere that […]

Japandi Style Bedroom Guide


5 key elements to infuse your bedroom with Japandi style The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. Not only does this room observe our private moments, but also, it is the place where we rest and try to find calm.  Japanadi design seeks to connect the person with spaciousness, nature and […]

Japandi Living Room Design Ideas

Salon Japandi Pour Maison

5 tips for infusing your living room with Japandi style If you want your living room to take on a relaxing atmosphere, adopting the Japandi style is a great idea.  Japandi style combines Scandinavian and Japanese decoration, and ensures a connection of your living room with nature and relaxation through a minimalist, simple and functional space.   […]

Japandi Kitchen Guide


5 delightful ideas for introducing Japandi style into your Kitchen The mixture of styles has positioned itself as a successful formula in which two design concepts can be united, resulting in a third that is truly surprising.  The Japanadi style, a mix of Nordic and Japanese style, is the proof. The brightness, the simple lines […]

What is Japandi Interior Design

Décoration Japandi

Japandi Style : What is it and how to apply it at home Japandy style definition The Japandi style is a design trend that merges the techniques and styles of two regions of the world: Japan and Scandinavia. The outcome of this blend gives us visually clean, minimalist interiors with a touch of elegance, setting […]