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5 tips for infusing your living room with Japandi style

If you want your living room to take on a relaxing atmosphere, adopting the Japandi style is a great idea. 

Japandi style combines Scandinavian and Japanese decoration, and ensures a connection of your living room with nature and relaxation through a minimalist, simple and functional space.  

So we are going to leave you with 5 ideas for you to apply in your living room and infuse it with Japandi decorating style. Whatever idea you have or style you like the most will certainly find a place in your home with Japandi.

1. Use light-colored woods in your living room

Wood is an element that is right at the heart of Scandinavian decoration, and is inherited by the Japandi style. The first tip of this guide is to have wooden furniture with light colors and rustic finish.

Of course, you can combine furniture of different shades, although the most representative of this style are the light tones.

salon japandi exemple

The most used woods for Japandi style furniture are white oak and bamboo. These two types of wood are quite used in furniture manufacturing, especially Scandinavian style, so it is not very complicated to find furniture with the characteristics that suit us. 

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2. Bring natural light into your living room

Spaces decorated in this style are also characterized by good natural light. For this, always opt for a white base in your room and give the window the importance it deserves. So prioritize having a clear window with good sun exposure if possible and use rather thin and light curtains. 

cuisine japandi bois clair
Cuisine Japandi en bois

If natural light is not enough, use lamps for indirect lighting. Many lamp models exist in light or dark colors that fit perfectly with the Japandi style. 

3. Respect the minimalism of the Japandi style

If you want your living room decoration to follow the Japandi style trend, you should try to create a pure space, that is, any object to be necessary in the environment. 

Japandi favors simple, light and useful forms, leaving aside the most ostentatious decorative trends. Luxury is limited in the Japandi style, giving way to the creation of functional, practical and uncluttered spaces.

In short, the goal of Japandi decorating is to connect with nature and the more space there is, the easier it is. Really think about what is essential in your living room and avoid unnecessary decorations that consume space. You’ll be grateful for the results.

Salon Japandi Pour Maison

4. Be creative

Although this style is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design, you don’t have to do 50% of each style in your living room. You can choose to give your room a more Asian feel and adopt related styles like wabi-sabi, for example.

You are totally allowed to decorate your living room with a Japanese coffee table, a vintage lamp and then add a more Nordic style sofa.

The important thing is that you feel good in your home, and that you manage to relax. Any object that will help you achieve this goal will be welcome in the Japandi trend.

5. Decorate your living room with ceramics and plants

Another of the highlights of Japandi style is its passion for handcrafted pieces. Add some ceramic details to your shelves and you’ll see how much it will enhance your living room.

In addition, the connection with nature in Japandi decor is greatly influenced by the presence of plants in the environment. Be careful, it’s not about having 40 plants in your living room either. One or two large plants with ceramic vases will fit perfectly with the Japandi atmosphere of the living room.

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