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5 delightful ideas for introducing Japandi style into your Kitchen

The mixture of styles has positioned itself as a successful formula in which two design concepts can be united, resulting in a third that is truly surprising.

 The Japanadi style, a mix of Nordic and Japanese style, is the proof. The brightness, the simple lines and the minimalist aspect of the Nordic style are highlighted, adding the versatility of materials, textures and warmth of the Japanese style.

In this guide, we will give you 7 tips that you can easily adopt to welcome the japandi style in your kitchen! 

1. A well organized, simple and functional kitchen

The main characteristic of the Japandi style is to create orderly spaces, where each object has a purpose and functionality. Therefore, decorative elements without any purpose are minimal, even non-existent.

Cuisine Japandi en bois

The straight, simple lines of the kitchen shown above promote the very minimalism on which this style is based, with smooth, continuous and rustic surfaces. 

Produits recommandés

2. A kitchen with natural materials

If you still haven’t noticed, the selection of rustic and natural materials, such as light woods like white oak or bamboo, ceramics, plant fibers, straw, are classic Japandi style elements to bring into your kitchen.

cuisine japandi bois clair
Cuisine Japandi en bois

There are many rustic materials that can be added to your kitchen to give it that Scandinavian feel you desire. Keep in mind that to achieve a Japandi decorating style, the goal is for these items to be functional. Chairs, lamps and tables are essential items to include that can give just that Japandi touch you want. 

3. Japandi style colors

Colors are the foundation of a successful Japandi style. Consider incorporating light, neutral colors into your kitchen rather than including only white or black. 

Shades of brown and beige will certainly be a successful choice for this style, as well as touches of gray and black. The goal is to create a mix of dark tones and light woods, making monochromatic combinations. 

Salon Japandi Pour Maison

4. Bring plants into your kitchen

Japandi decorating relies heavily on the use of indoor plants. The blurring of interior and exterior is one of the foundations of this style and the introduction of green elements is the best way to achieve this.

However, because of the strong Zen influence of this trend, the pieces are about quality, not quantity. That means that the goal is not to have a jungle in your kitchen. Just a few plants (or maybe just one) to decorate the corners with simplicity will be enough. 

Go for tall plants with thin, elegant leaves and simple shapes, and of course, pay attention to the pot you choose. 

5. Add ceramics to your kitchen table

Using ceramics can be a great tool to create the mix of dark tones and light tones.
Buying ceramic tableware can therefore be an interesting option to consider. In addition, the use of pots or vases for your plants is an interesting option.

Do not hesitate to include artisanal objects in a creative way in your kitchen, always keeping this essential minimalist aspect of Japandi design (candles, napkins, placemat …)

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