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5 ideas to redesign your garden or deck with Japandi style

Why Japandi style for outdoor use?

More and more of us are seeking simplicity and calm in our lives and in our environment. 

The garden or the terrace are the best places in the house to relax and unwind.  Whether it’s reading a book outdoors or having a sunset dinner, there’s nothing better than having an environment like this to clear your mind.

Japandi is a decorating style that blends Scandinavian and Japanese design. This decorating style offers open, organized and functional spaces to achieve a warm atmosphere that allows us to enjoy the beautiful things in life with the people we love. 

Can you think of a better decorating style than Japandi for your exterior?

Wooden garden chairs

Japandi inherits from the Scandinavian Nordic style the predominance of light woods. The materials most used in Japandi furniture are bamboo, rattan and white oak, among others. 

The chairs will occupy an essential space in your garden or terrace. It is the place where you will spend most of your time and which will be in contact with your body. Thus, choosing a garden chair that respects the Japandi style is essential. 

Jardin Japandi

Make conscious choices and select high quality furniture, with an artisanal style, that uses durable materials over time and that gives you a feeling of deep relaxation. 

Produits recommandés

Chaise acacia massif

Chaise de jardin en résine tressée et acacia massif

A solid wood table

As for the chairs, the choice of the table that will occupy the central space of your garden or terrace is an important choice. As you can see in the pictures of this article, all the tables are made of light wood, characteristic of the Japandi style. 

Using garden coffee tables made of rattan, bamboo, acacia or other light woods are a great option for your Japandi garden. Discover Maisons du Monde coffee table selections ! 

Which plants for a Japandi garden?

Japanese style decoration relies heavily on the use of decorative plants.The connection with nature is one of the pillars of Japandi style, and there is no garden or terrace without plants.

The plants that predominate in the japandi style are generally elegant, slender and simple in shape.

We recommend gray or black ceramic pots. The combination of light wood colors with monochromatic black is a classic Japandi style that we strongly recommend applying in your garden or terrace.

Les accessoires de jardin style Japandi

Garden accessories cannot be missing in your decoration.

In order to achieve the Japandi style in your garden, we advise you to buy accessories that reflect the world of Japan.

Cozy style Japandi lights can be an excellent incorporation to your garden to allow a relaxing atmosphere.

Preserving minimalism and functionalism

A great common feature of Japanese and Scandinavian design is the importance of minimalism. All elements in your garden should have a functionality that contributes to your well-being in that space. 

Any other decorative element that is not essential to you has no place in a Japandi style decoration. A cluttered terrace or garden will never allow you to relax properly. 

Buy Japandi furniture for your garden

Chaises Japandi

Lampes Japandi

lampe japandi

Fauteuil Japandi

Canape Japandi

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