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5 key elements to infuse your bedroom with Japandi style

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. Not only does this room observe our private moments, but also, it is the place where we rest and try to find calm. 

Japanadi design seeks to connect the person with spaciousness, nature and tranquility through a very particular design style that brings together Scandinavian and Japanese decorating trends. 

Therefore, we can observe that the Japandi style aligns perfectly with the objectives of a room, that is, to allow you to rest in peace. 

In this article, we will bring you 5 key tips to successfully decorate your room with a Japandi style. Let’s get started! 

1. Use woods and natural elements

Scandinavian design always uses light woods in furniture, while Japanese furniture tends to rely on darker woods and even lacquered finishes. But if there’s one thing these two styles have in common, it’s a taste for traditional craftsmanship, straight lines and functionality. 

chambre japandi exemple

Mixing these two tones of wood, with some elements in monochromatic black, with brass in the metals or touches of leather, it is an excellent choice to create a very elegant and sophisticated contrast without giving up the sobriety.

In addition to wood, other noble, simple and natural materials are recommended, such as rattan, ceramic, stone, etc…

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2. Keep it neat and simple

Another very recognizable characteristic of this decorative style is the balance and simplicity. For this reason, it is limited to using the minimum number of elements, all functional.
If there is a decorative object, it will always have an emotional value, or it will be a unique and exclusive handmade piece.

Chambre Japandi Idee
Cuisine Japandi en bois

My advice is to take advantage of the bed, pillows, nightstands and lamps as well as any other functional element in the room to apply the tips in this guide and successfully achieve a Japandi design. 

3. Japandi style colors

White, gray and beige are the key colors in this decorating style. Japandi is characterized by a harmonious color palette, but darker tones can also be added to contrast with the neutrals, such as dark blues or earth tones.


4. Add plants to your room

In Scandinavian and Japanese cultures, nature is an integral part of daily life. When it comes to Japandi decoration, plants should have a predominant place in your room. 

We advise you to opt for quality species. The ikebana style, with simple arrangements of dried cherry blossom branches or cotton flower branches, can be a great way to add the finishing touch to your rooms.

5. Apply Japandi with vinyls and wallpapers

A simple way to start applying Japandi style in your room, in addition to renovating your furniture, is to use wallpapers on your walls.

You can do this easily and quickly. It won’t take long to see the results, and visually your home will take a 360° turn.

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