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5 tips to perfectly achieve a Japandi design in the bathroom

The bathroom and the Japandi design

The most trendy decoration style of the moment is without a doubt the Japandi style. But what exactly is Japandi?

Japandi is a style that combines the simplicity and warmth of the Nordic style with the Zen atmosphere that Japanese decoration transmits. As a result, the Japandi design results in beautiful rooms where calm is the protagonist. Can you imagine a better way to decorate your bathroom? 

If we start thinking about places in the house where we want to be completely relaxed and dedicate a moment of the day to take care of ourselves, the bathroom is undoubtedly the first that comes to mind.

 That’s why decorating our bathroom in the Japandi style is a great idea. So, we have prepared this guide to inspire you to create Japandi style in your bathroom. Let’s go ! 

1. How to choose your vanity unit

The best advice we can give you to succeed the japandi style in your bathroom is to choose a solid wood vanity. The woods more used in the Japandi style are light woods such as oak, bamboo or walnut.

Meuble de bain japandi

Other natural elements such as straw, metal or ceramic are very used in the Nordic style and can be added perfectly to your Japandi bathroom. 

Produits recommandés

Meuble sous vasque palissandre massif

Meuble sous vasque 60 cm

2. Preserve minimalism

The Japandi style is based on the preservation of minimalism, as a cluttered bathroom will never give you the zen feeling that the Japandi style aims to deliver. 

Every single item in your bathroom should be practical. Decorative objects (except for a few plants or handcrafted pieces) are reserved only if they have a real sentimental value for you.

3. Choosing a bathroom mirror

The mirror you choose is an essential element to give your bathroom a Japandi design. 

My advice is to combine light colors with dark monochromatic tones. Mix light Scandinavian style woods with dark Japanese style materials such as metal or ceramic. 

Luckily for you, there are a ton of bathroom mirrors you can choose that fit that description ! 

4. Buy Japandi design accessories

We have the vanity unit and the mirror. Now the rest of the bathroom decoration and elements are missing: sink accessories, storage, towel rack, etc…

The advice remains the same: buy furniture that have wood, that are in beige, gray, or black color and that use natural materials. 

We have browsed several decorating sites and here are some items we loved at affordable prices:

5. Decorate the bathroom with plants and ceramics

The Japandi decoration is greatly influenced by the presence of plants and artistic elements in ceramics. 

Beware, it is not about adding large artistic pieces that attract too much attention. In Japandi, everything is in the details. 

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