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Have you heard of Japandi decoration?

Japandi is a decorating trend that combines elegance and minimalism, inspired by Nordic-Scandinavian and Japanese styles.

Using natural and environmentally friendly materials, Japandi is inspired by the elements of Japanese interior design (minimalism, Zen philosophy, Wabi Sabi) and the sobriety and rationality of Scandinavian modernism.

Décoration Japandi

Decorate your home with a trendy and minimalist style

Japandi kitchen: orderly, simple and functional

To create a Japandi style kitchen, the key is to mix dark tones and light woods in a monochromatic and minimalist way, obtaining kitchens of great lightness with a feeling of space.

This style therefore seeks to create orderly spaces, where each object has a purpose and functionality and where the decorative elements are minimal and tend towards the natural.

Salon Japandi Pour Maison

Get inspired with our Japandi living room ideas

If you want your home to become a space full of calm and where relaxation is the number one premise, a living room with japanandi touches is a great option.

 Japandi style has become one of the most popular living room decorating trends in 2021.  This trend is especially noticeable in big cities because, when the outdoors is noisy and chaotic, the Japandi style allows us to disconnect and find peace in our home.

Add Japandi touches to your bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most zen rooms in the house. Calmness and invitation to rest should be the main characteristics of these rooms, and Japandi style fulfills them perfectly.

The tones of Japandi style bedroom are, for the most part, neutral like white, gray, beige and terracotta colors, but there is always room for other colors while maintaining the harmony of the room.

If you like this style of decoration in your room, come and see all our ideas of decorations for a Japandi room.

Jardin style Japandi

Gardens or terraces are necessary spaces to relax. So decorating your garden with Japandi style can be a great idea. Check out our guide to Japandi gardens for inspiration on how to redesign your exterior!

The bathroom is a perfect space to relax. Whether it’s in the morning before going to work or during a hot bath in the evening, having a bathroom decorated with Japandi style can be a great way to clear your mind!

Discover the best Japandi furniture

Japandi chairs

Japandi tables

japandi table

Japandi sofa

Canape Japandi

Japandi lamps

lampe japandi

Light and natural wood furniture, darker wood furniture, monochrome black furniture…we have selected for you the best Japandi chairs, lamps, couches, tables and much more! Buy the recommended furniture and ensure a richer and more sophisticated contrast of tones without giving up sobriety at home. 

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